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How often should I get an Aromatherapy Massage during pregnancy?

This is one of the most regular questions I get asked by expectant mums.

While the answer depends on financial issues and time - my recommendation would be to have monthly massage treatments every month from 12 weeks gestation onwards. This would help expectant mamas to keep relaxed while maintaining a positive mindset throughout pregnancy.

During the third trimester, the growing bump might cause increased stiffness in lower back, shoulders and neck - which might also trigger headaches. Thus, if you find yourself suffering from pregnancy discomforts such as muscle tension, backache, pelvic girdle pain, swelling in arms and legs, and carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling wrists), you might want to have a massage more regularly to help alleviate any pain and reduce swelling.

Research shows that regular Pregnancy Massage treatments towards the end of pregnancy aid relaxation which in turn encourages the spontaneous onset of labour and normal birth. Thus, it is also recommended, to have weekly massage treatments from 35 weeks gestation until birth of baby.

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