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Breech Presentation refers to when the buttocks of the baby presents at the bottom of your uterus

Approximately 15% of all babies will be in a breech position between 29-32 weeks gestation. 3-4% of these babies will remain in a breech presentation until labour

The recommended mode of delivery for a Breech presentation is Cesarean Section


Moxibustion is a traditional alternative therapy from Chinese medicine and is one of the most ancient ways for turning a breech baby to a head-first position. It involves burning the herb ‘moxa’ on your little toes to stimulate specific energy points via heat.

The radiant heat produced from the burning moxa sticks are transferred along specific energy channels which trigger hormonal changes to relax the uterine muscle tone and gives your baby energy thus increasing the baby’s movements. This in turn encourages the baby to rotate from a breech to a head down position. Research reports moxibustion to have more than 60% successful rate in turning breech babies and is usually done around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy.

A moxibustion session is an educational session where you will be given appropriate guidance on how to use moxa sticks to complete a full treatment at the comfort of your home.

Whilst moxibustion is a gentle and safe technique, it is not appropriate for all expectant mums with a breech baby.


Book a telephone consultation to ensure that moxibustion is safe for both you and your baby.

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