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Facilitating physical, spiritual & emotional relaxation is

the primary step in preparation for labour.

Birth Preparation Therapy involves the combination of massage, aromatherapy and acupressure to help facilitate the spontaneous onset of labour and improving the chances of normal birth.


This treatment focuses on relieving body tension as well as focusing on the areas that will need to expand or release during labour. Specific essential oil blends are used to help prepare your body for labour and birth. Massage may assist an expectant mother to prepare for birth by releasing both muscular and emotional tension – both of which may delay the onset of labour.


Birth Preparation therapy allows your body to reach a deep relaxing state which decreases stress hormones and thus allows the release of natural Oxytocin (Love Hormone) - which is the primary hormone responsible for the commencement of labour.

It is suggested to commence weekly treatments from 36 weeks gestation until labour commences. Research shows that weekly treatments at term can aid in the natural transition into labour minimising the need for medical interventions.


If you like to prepare your mind and body to step into the flow of birth kindly Contact us for more information.

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